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About the Explore III
The 4Freestyle Explore shoes are developed by freestylers for freestylers.
They are super light, comfortable and designed for a freestyle


With a lock down system with a rubber print over the toe all the way around both sides of the foot for more friciton and protection.

Explore your style and the world at the same time.

Explore III Freestyle and Street football shoes Black

  • The outsole is made out of EVA and rubber parts making it super light and cushioned. It´s wide to give you better control while doing sole tricks and to keep you stable. The upper part of the shoe is made out of a double layer of mesh to make it soft and breathable. There are 2 vertical and 2 horizontal stripes on each side between the two layers of mesh. They are there to give a better lockdown. The layer of soft and strong rubber print that covers the front and going around on both sides of the shoe is there to protect, for more friction and to give a better grip.


    • Light weight
    • Breathable
    • Wide sole
    • Rubber layer in front for protection and friction
    • Outsole of EVA with rubber parts for protection and more friction